Electric School Bus Initiative

Digital Design
Role: Design Lead
Teams: ThinkShout & World Resource Institute

The Electric School Bus Initiative website serves as a digital portal for communities across the U.S. to opt into electric school buses that will deliver a cleaner, more sustainable future for our students.


The first step in an equitable approach to building the ESBI site was gathering feedback from all areas of the initiative—from community members to partner organizations to policymakers. Surveys and workshops helped solidify the brand identity and organize priorities. This information was critical to building the design system and information architecture for the site. 


The homepage acts as an overview and gateway to the rest of the site. The hubs—Tools, Community, and Evidence—curate the most helpful articles and commonly used tools in an approachable editorial layout. This provides a personable introduction to the breadth of content ESBI has amassed. For example, the “All About” series is presented in a “bookshelf” that  highlights both the scope of helpful articles and the playful color palette. The Resource Library rounds out the site and is designed with searching and filtering front and center. It’s a great place for people who are looking for specific data sets, reports, and other content they need. 


We prioritized  the needs of our target audiences by building simple wireframes, gathering feedback, increasing fidelity, and refining along the way. 

Prototypes, built in Figma, helped establish how interactive elements, motion, and transitions bring the site to life and delight users on their journey.

WIth the site designed, we  detailed all aspects in a thorough production handoff. To get these important resources out as soon as possible, and to maintain a reasonable budget, we planned for an MVP launch with refinement and feature additions to be rolled out  in the coming months. The ESBI site is built to evolve.