Lehigh Valley Health Network

Digital Design
Role: Design Lead
Teams: ThinkShout 

Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN) is a nonprofit, patient-centered healthcare network with medical facilities that serve hundreds of thousands of people across ten eastern Pennsylvania counties. The LVHN website is an integral tool that keeps patients, doctors, and administrators connected and informed. Solidifying a design system, removing clutter, and adding new features is critical for ensuring a high-quality patient care experience, especially during a pandemic.


Conducting a digital audit and rebuilding the LVHN digital design system in modern tools with complete documentation ensured designers, strategists, and administrators could quickly and easily add features that are consistent, recognizable, and fast. We created a helpful onboarding system so that everyone could build and interact comfortably in Figma. 


Key updates to the homepage modernized the web experience and significantly increased its usability on all devices. We updated the alert system, focusing on clarity and accessibility, and prototyped, tested, and helped produce a patient-doctor matching system. We also majorly revamped the location search and detail pages.

One of the biggest updates, a navigation revamp, is critical for a quality user experience. This is especially true as more patients than ever turn to the LVHN site during the Coronavirus pandemic. The healthcare network serves patients of all ages and experience with digital healthcare, so our strategy was informed by patient and administration feedback. Accessibility was always top of mind. 


Collaborating in Figma, our team was able to iterate frequently and build prototypes to test the new system. The result turned the complex and often confusing world of healthcare into a simple, clean, and straightforward navigation system that resonated with users and centered around the most common actions they needed to take. 


“How does this benefit the patient?” This is the question we returned to regularly. This question guided our strategy and design as we modernized the LVHN site. We believe that even when patient and network needs felt at odds, to think of the patient was to think of the network long term.